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Collecting the Sap

The Sugar Bush

Beginning in February we go out and drill holes in our maple trees. We have 8,000 taps, deep snow requires us to wear snowshoes.

Fresh Sap Collecting

Fresh sap comes flowing down the mountain into our sap house where we temporarily store sap. Next the sap will go to our syrup facility where we make the syrup.

Making the Syrup

Sap Tank Room

After we collect our sap we store it here along with water and condensed sap from our reverse osmosis. These are all stainless steal food grade tanks kept in climate control to keep everything clean and cool. We currently can store up to 8,000 gallons of raw sap at one time.

Reverse Osmosis

General rule of thumb it can take about 40 gallons of raw sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. Reverse osmosis basically separates water from the sugar water which leaves us a much more concentrated sap. Our reverse osmosis can process 2,800 gallons of raw sap per hour. Without the RO we would burn 4 gallons of oil to make 1 gallon of syrup, now it only takes 0.30 gallons oil per 1 gallon of syrup. This is a much greener way to make our syrup. Our RO goes through two cycles before we put the sap in the evaporator. This rig is by CDL inc..

The Evaporator

Here is the finishing process of our maple syrup where we finish boiling it down to what ends up in our products. All of our syrup is hot packed into stainless steel drums for later packaging. Volcano 2000 Lapierre Waterloo Small:
• Raise flew back pan with heaters and hoods
• 3 x 10 oil fired
• 2x 18"x36" cross flow syrup pans