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Ferguson Farm Vermont Maple Syrup

221 Spencer Hollow Rd.
Springfield, VT 05156

We are a third generation sugar maker located in Springfield Vermont, about 2 miles from the west border of the Connecticut River and New Hampshire. My grandfather Henry Ferguson started tapping trees on the farm around 1945. My dad Keith took over after Henry fell into a silage blower which took off both of his legs. In 1963 Keith would hang about 2500 sap buckets and boil the sap down on a wood fire arch. In 1990 we changed to oil when it was about 75 cents a gallon. Back then we made about 160 gallons of syrup a year, now we make that in about 5 hours time. We now use state of the art equipment using the best technology available to us making all of our syrup as green as possible while maintaining that 100% maple purity.